FNSDC Newsletter for April 17th through April 23rd

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Newsletter for

Monday April 17, 2017 to Sunday April 23, 2017:


We are hoping that you all will attend The Next Two Fridays.

This Friday April 21, “The Straight Ahead Band”

NEXT Friday it’s ‘PROM NIGHT” with “Retrospect”

Check Our NEW Web Page www.fridaynightswing.com

We are still getting comfortable with it, SO, Please email us and

Let us know what you think!

Thank You Betsy, Rosie and Flo for all of your input!

MAY Dance Classes:

We are working on the May Dance Classes which we will try to post this week.

If you have any suggestions of classes let us know ASAP.

Call 410-663-0010 or Email us at 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com


You Can Still Join April Dance Classes 3 of 4  This Week

If you have taken the classes before and wish to review.


This Friday April 21  It’s  “The Straight Ahead Band”

Good times are straight ahead when Greg and the guys are in Towson!

They’ve kept us dancing for many years, and are sure to keep you moving & grooving!

They played an exceptional Chinese New Year Dance and we can’t wait to hear them again


7:30 to 8:30 Beginning Swing Class For All of You First Timers and those who wish to help.

Usually a small class. If you are inviting people to attend the dance this

is a great way to help them a be bit more comfortable

when The Band starts at 8:30p


8:30 to 11:30 “The Straight Ahead Band”


If You Need More Detailed Info & Fees Please Check Our Web Page www.fridaynightswing.com

Or Email us at 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com



The Friday Night Swing Dance Club has been teaching Baltimore the basics of most partner dances for over 26 years!

We offer the best combination of experienced instructors, price, location, and friendly atmosphere.

We emphasize Fun. Your Class is the only class in a big, beautiful ballroom where you can hear the music

and the instructor without being distracted by many concurrent classes!


Remember to Practice!  We host fantastic Dance bands every Friday night ( Only $15 Yes, Live Music). All dances and classes are held in the Legion’s

big, beautiful, air conditioned ballroom, where you can hone your skills and meet other friendly and helpful dancers and Just Have FUN!




Please e-mail answer the following Question…


  1. As very many of you requested, We Changed Friday Dance Times to: 7:30 to 8:30 for Beginning Dance Class then 8:30 to 11:30 for the dance.

It appears that many dancers are still arriving at or after 9:00, and the Beginning Dance class have been lightly attend, with many arriving after

the class has started.

Do you want us to return to the 8:00 lesson… 9:00 dance time? 


Remember: If you have any suggestions for Dance Classes in MAY

Please e-mail us  2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com A.S.A.P


Happy Dancing,




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