Join Beginning West Coast Swing Class (3 of 4)

Join Beginning West Coast Swing Class (3 of 4) Tonight

If you Have Taken West Coast Anywhere You Can  Join This Beginning West Coast Swing Class (3 of 4)

and Then Practice your New West Coast Moves for 1/2 hr after every class.


Instructor: Joanne & Chuck

Continue Learning the fundamentals of this smooth, sexy dance, or review your rusty basics and break bad habits if you’ve taken a class in the past. Participants should be proficient in East Coast Swing before attempting West Coast Swing. (If you need to master basic Swing, please start with Beginning East Coast Swing on Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m.)

Ladies, the men need a little extra encouragement while mastering West Coast footwork, so please support them with your attendance. No partners necessary, but a balanced class means more practice opportunities, so please consider inviting opposite gender friends.

Here is The Best Place to Start or Review Your Rusty Beginning West Coast.

Individual Cost: $12/person/ class + $5 for practice Class (2 Week Session) (Cash or Check)

Couples Cost: $12/person/class + $5 for Practice Class (2 Week Session) (Cash or Check)

To ensure that all students progress, Block Classes close to newcomers after the second week of class, with the exception of those who are repeating the class.
Affordable Private Lessons are Available. Learn More:

Entrance Note: Look for the American Legion driveway just south of Towsontown Blvd. immediately past Dunkin Donuts & Papa John’s Pizza

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