Yes, You Can Still Join Monday’s Continuing Swing 2: Add New Moves Refresh & Progress!

You Can Still Join Continuing Swing If you were away and Missed the First Week Of Class!

Yes, You Can Join Our Continuing Swing Class if You Already completed a Beginning Triple Step Swing Class?  Build confidence and add moves to your dancing ! 

Whether you’re a rusty swing dancer looking to polish up your basics and get back on the dance floor, or you’ve recently completed Beginning Swing, this Class is for you! Meet up with some nice people to review basic East Coast Triple Step Swing, build your confidence, and progress to more interesting moves!

Review & Continue East Coast Swing (Level 2 and up)

Join Us  7:00  Monday August 14  (1 hour each Monday for 3 Weeks)

Note: If you need to start Swing from scratch, You Can Still join our Beginning Swing Class on Wednesday August 16th at 7 p.m.(1 hour Class for 3 weeks )

FEE: Join Us Monday August 14, at 7:00 (Continuing East Coast Swing) 1 hr Class/ week for 4 week $12/1 hour Class pay as you go*

(Cash or Check)

Need More Info???? about Classes Call 410-663-0010

Affordable Private Lessons are Available. Learn More:

Entrance Note: Look for the American Legion driveway just south of Towsontown Blvd. immediately past Dunkin Donuts & Papa John’s Pizza

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