Yes, You Can Still Join Beginning Social Ballroom Survival with Chuck and Friends


You Can Still Join This Very Nice Group Taking Ballroom Survival Class If you were away and Missed the First Week Of Class!

Please come 10 to 15 min before the class starts and we will review fo you

BEGINNING Ballroom Survival Sample Fox-Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rumba & Tango!  We make our Beginning Classes easy and enjoyable, even if you’ve never danced with a partner! 

Learn the basics of the most popular Ballroom dances and start enjoying the DJ’d breaks at Friday Dances, Weddings, and other events! Partner Dancers Have more fun and can dance for life!

No Partners Necessary, No Experience Necessary but a balanced class means more practice opportunities, so please consider inviting opposite gender friends! The More People you know the more fun beginning Classes are!

We specialize in teaching Beginners to gently lead and follow to the music!

Join Us For Beginning  Ballroom Survival  Monday October 9, at 6:30

Note: All Participants are invited to come 10 to 15 min early ( no Charge)to practice and review before each Class

FEE: Join Us Monday October 9, 6:30  (Beginning Ballroom Survival): (1.5 hr/week for Three Weeks) $18/1 hour Class pay as you go* (Cash or Check)

Need More Info???? about Classes Call 410-663-0010 or email


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