Tuesday’s Low impact Zumba: It’s May! One Step Closer to Bathing Suit June!

Make and exceed your April Fitness Goals with Low-Impact ZUMBA Dance-Fitness! Regardless of the weather we always heat things up on the dance floor with spicy Latin music, sunny smiles, and an invigorating low-impact workout with 15-25 friendly people that leaves you feeling exhilarated! Non-intimidating, easy-to-follow ZUMBA class boosts cardio, blasts calories, and improves strength, tone, balance, and mood!

DROP IN ANYTIME for just $10/one hour class! OR motivate yourself with a multi-class pre-payment discount at the beginning of each month.

Zumba Gold low-impact classes are open to all ages, abilities, and genders. No commitment and no prior experience needed. (First-timers may want to check out the FAQ tab on the website, http://www.betsy101.zumba.com , prior to attending.) If you are registering for the first time, please try to arrive 5 minutes early! Hope to see you this week on the Legion’s spacious, easy-on-the-knees maple dance floor!

Love to Dance but Hate to Exercise? Drop in on any scheduled Tuesday! Or try our Thursday class at the same location! (Check website for weather or holiday schedule changes.)
More info online at: http://www.betsy101.zumba.com
Contact: E-mail love2-zumba@usa.net , or call Betsy 410.456.7026, Certified Zumba Instructor


More info online at: http://www.betsy101.zumba.com




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