Wednesday June Continuing Swing Class

Join Wednesday Continuing Swing Class

If you’ve completed a Beginning Triple Step Swing class, build confidence and add more moves to your Swing dancing!

Note: If you need to start from the beginning, please join us on June Mondays for Beginning Swing at 7:00 p.m.

No Partners Necessary…

Individual Class Fee: $12/person/class Pay as you go… or $40/person(If you pay the entire 4 Week Session):  Cash or Check

Couple Class Fee: $12/person/class Pay As You Go…or $75/Couple  (If you pay the entire 4 Week Session): Cash or Check

Affordable Private Lessons are Available. Learn More:

Entrance Note: Look for the American Legion driveway just south of Towsontown Blvd. immediately past Dunkin Donuts & Papa John’s Pizza

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