FNSDC Newsletter for Monday July 10 to Sunday July16

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Newsletter for

Monday July 10, 2017 to Sunday July 16, 2017:


It was great to see over 150 of you Dancing at our June 30 dance.

As you can all see, your out reach to people you meet when dancing and FNSDC card distribution is working.

Keep up the great work, see you on July 21.

Hope You all had a great 4th of July..


Remember :

No Dance This Friday July 14; Floor will Be Ready Next Week

So we will be dancing July 21 to “The Straight Ahead Band”

Thank you all for your August dance class suggestions.


Here are the current suggestions:


  1. Beginning Swing Class and Swing 2 Class
  2. Intermediate Ballroom Class with Helmut Licht (What Ballroom Dance are you interested in)
  3. Beginning West Coast Swing Class with Joanne & Chuck (with good music)
  4. Beginning Ballroom Survival Class
  5. Beginning Latin Dance Class


If you have any suggestions for Dance Classes in August

Please e-mail us  2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com A.S.A.P.

We will be finalizing August Classes by the end of this week (July 13 or 14th)

NOTE: All Dances and Classes are at The American Legion Towson, 125 York Rd, Towson MD 21204

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club has been teaching Baltimore the basics of most partner dances for over 26 years!

We offer the best combination of experienced instructors, price, location, and friendly atmosphere.

We emphasize Fun. Your Class is the only class in a big, beautiful ballroom where you can hear the music

and the instructor without being distracted by many concurrent classes!


Remember to Practice!  We host fantastic Dance bands every Friday night ( Only $15 Yes, Live Music). All dances and classes are held in the Legion’s

big, beautiful, air conditioned ballroom, where you can hone your skills and meet other friendly and helpful dancers and Just Have FUN!

Couple of Thoughts:


One of the best things about dancing at the FNSDC is the really nice people you meet and dance with every week.

Many of these people dance all over Maryland, D.C. and Virginia Saturdays, Sundays and during the week.

What this means to most of us is, no mater where we go we know someone, even more important we can dance with someone.

Thank you all for the stories you have shared with us about your dancing Travels..


Please take a few of our cards and hand them to people you talk to when you dance at other venues.

There are Friday Night Swing Dance Cards on the counters at EVERY Friday dance!

If you take a couple of these cards, put them in your pocket or purse, and hand them out to people you meet at other dance venues.

Yes, some of the people you hand our cards to actually show up at dances (Last week there were at least another 4 new people) Thanks to you!


We hope you all have a superior two weeks off. See you July 21st, refinished floor, One of your Favorite Bands (The Straight Ahead Band),

all of you dancing friends, and meet new dancers!


Thank you Volunteers for your help every Friday!

 Remember: If you have any suggestions for Dance Classes in August

Please e-mail us  2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com A.S.A.P


Thank you for Your Support,

Happy Dancing,




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