FNSDC Newsletter for Sunday November 28 to Sunday December 4: This Friday It’s The Josh Christina Band

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Newsletter for

Sunday November 26, 2017 to Sunday December 4, 2017:


This Week’s Important News :

1. We are finishing up our November Dance Classes on Wednesday of this week 11/29  Please check the Quick List Below. If You Need More Detailed Info & Fees Please CEmail us at 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com or Call 410-663-0010

Remember: There are No Classes in December. We will be deciding on January Classes in the next 2 weeks SoIf you have any suggestions for Dance Classes in January Let us know ASAP

2. Thank you all for dancing last Friday to the HepCats. We welcome all of you new people and very much appreciate your Very positive comments. This Friday we have a band with a great young local talent. It’s The Josh Christina Band.

Note: Josh plays for dancers on Friday Nights and does a very danceable mix of music and tempos not ALL scorching fast music.

3. There are a few Private lesson slots still available In November and December if you are interested. Fee is the same for a single person or a couple. Please email mailto: 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com or call us 410-663-0010 for reservations.

4. Fight The Terrible TOO’S Disease:

What, you may ask, is the Terrible TOO’S Disease? It’s a disease we all get when we are looking for an excuse to not doo something Like dance with us on Friday Night. Symptoms reveal themselves as:  TOO Tired, TOO Cold, TOO Hot, TOO Old, TOO wet. TOO Snowy Band plays TOO Fast, and on and on and on. The fatal outcome of this disease is you end up bored, depressed, and sleeping with a remote in your hand.

YES, There is a cure for this terrible and debilitating disease, and it only requires a good dose once a week and here it is:Drag yourself to The Friday Night Swing Dance Club… you will reunite with old friends, meet new and interesting people, dance away all of the stress you have accumulated all week, and you can even dump your TOO’S on Old Chuck who has been sometimes patiently listening to them for over 26 years.

The Results of the fantastic cure is you will sleep well, feel great all weekend, and you will be able to face next weeks trials and tribulations with a smile knowing you have a place to dump your weekly woes on FRIDAY.

Don’t miss your very next opportunity to receive this Inexpensive Miracle Cure, THIS FRIDAY.


This Friday December 1, “The Josh Christina Band” Play our Kick off December and The Holidays Dance

Welcome December dancing to the dynamic sound of our talented hometown musician.

Josh has become a polished, professional artist who is rocking Nashville, and gaining notoriety abroad.

Reminiscent of Jerry Lee, Elvis, and Chuck Berry, this band will keep you rockin’ & rollin’ on the biggest and best dance floor in Baltimore.

Yes, He has been playing a mix of slow and fast music custom selected for the Friday Night Swing Dance Club.


7:30 to 8:30:

EZ Beginning Swing Workshop to welcome our new Dancers.

Meet new people and build your confidence by taking the lesson.  Bring Your Friends- Workshop is included with admission


8:30 to 11:30 “The Josh Christina Band”


Fees For Friday Dances Always With Bands:

$15 or $12 with purchased discount Card or Full Time Student with ID

Fees Include: Beginning Swing Workshop, Dance with Band, and Light Refreshments.

Note: There is a very inexpensive Legion Bar downstairs. Be our Guests.


NOTE: All Dances and Classes are at:

The American Legion Towson, 125 York Rd, Towson MD 21204


Scroll Down Check Out The Wednesday November Classes (4 of 4)  Quick List Join This Week.

If You Need More Detailed Info & Fees Please Check Our Web Page www.fridaynightswing.com

Or Email us at 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com


**This WEDNESDAY November 29  


7:00 to 8:00: CONTINUING HOT CHA-CHA  (4 of 4) with Chuck & Friends

Ok, Several of you said you knew the basics So, here is a class that is designed to add danceable moves to YOUR Cha-Cha

Ladies: we have some good leaders and you will be surprised what you can add to YOUR Cha-Cha

No Partners and Just a Little Experience Necessary, however, a balanced class means more practice

opportunities, so please consider inviting  friends! 


8:00 to 9:00: INTERMEDIATE SWING 3  (4 of 4)with Chiles

Take your Swing to The Next Level.

Chiles will teach New Moves Every Week to spice up your swing and may be add a little Lindy

Requirement for this class is completion of a Level 2 East Coast Swing Class anywhere.

No Partners Necessary, however, a balanced class means more practice opportunities, so please consider inviting your friends


Fees for All Inexpensive Wednesday November Classes (4 of 4) (1 hr/week)

Note: These fees include the extra 10 to 15 min Practice & dance BeforeWednesday For More Detailed Info. on Dance Classes Call Us 410-663-0010 or Check Our Web Page www.fridaynightswing.com

Or Email us at 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com


The Friday Night Swing Dance Club has been teaching Baltimore the basics of most partner dances for over 26 years.

We offer the best combination of experienced instructors, price, location, and friendly atmosphere.

We emphasize Fun. Your Class is the only class in a big, beautiful ballroom where you can hear the music

and the instructor without being distracted by many concurrent classes and posts in the floor.


Remember to Practice:  We host fantastic Dances always with bands Every Friday night (Only $15 Yes, Live Music).

All dances and classes are held in the American Legion Towson big, beautiful, air conditioned, wood floor ballroom,

where you can hone your skills and meet other friendly and helpful dancers and Just Have FUN.


Remember: There are No Classes in December. So, If you have any suggestions for Dance Classes in January

Please e-mail us 2hepcats@fridaynightswing.com or Call 410-663-0010

BTW… We also teach inexpensive private lessons


We are looking forward to seeing you all this Friday December 1 for “The Josh Christina Band”

Thank you For YOUR Attendance at Lessons and Dances.

Join Us and Keep The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Dancing.

Happy Dancing,




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