Swing Dance Testimonials

Friday Night Swing dancing provides a safe social network and a fun, healthy way to overcome challenging life situations such as a recent move, divorce, or death of a loved one. We offer a range of affordable weeknight dance classes which rotate monthly. No partner is required, just come along and meet new friends in class! We emphasize fun and a friendly atmosphere. We’re passionate about sharing our enthusiasm for social dancing, and love introducing beginners to “Triple Step, Triple Step, Rock Step.” After 26 years of teaching, we have plenty of patience, and don’t take ourselves too seriously! Our classes are relaxed, fun, friendly and affordable. Our primary focus is on developing dancers who can enjoy a lifetime of smooth, safe, social dancing.

Dance Class Testimonials

“Giving a shout out to Pat and Rebecca once again. Quick, quick, slow; shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle, in out, rotate, tap, lilt, pulse = a great Balboa lesson this evening!”
– C.K., 01/17, Towson MD

“Thanks Pat Freeman and Rebecca Paul for a great first lesson in Balboa Intermediate. Your instruction is very easy to follow. So fun!”
– C.K., 01/10, Towson MD

“Balboa lesson #3. Learning new moves. All 20 of us students thank you Pat Freeman and Rebecca Paul for another great, fun lesson tonight!”
– Annon., 11/09/16, Towson MD

“And thank you, Rebecca Paul, for all of your great followers’ tips.”
– C. K., 10/09/16, Towson MD

“Same old boring excellence! Seriously, the instructors strike a wonderful balance between serious instruction with attention to detail and lighthearted fun. Inescapably educational. ”
– T.M., 6/4/14, Beginning Swing Class

“Really fun. Liked the instructors with a sense of humor & the small class. ”
– M. O., 6/4/14, Beginning Swing Class

“Fun group: lots of laughs, and I learned a thing or two as well… ”
– T. M., 04/07/2014

“It’s always nice to have a big class so we can all learn to dance better. Bring your friends!”
– M., 03/06/2010

Zumba Class Testimonials

“Looking forward to being there for Zumba this evening. I come back with a deeper appreciation of how fortunate we are that you offer a ‘hybrid’ Zumba Gold class! All of the classes I looked at in Virginia Beach were at Senior Citizen or Assisted Living locations, most only lasted a half hour, and many were ‘chair’ classes, so I didn’t go, but instead took great walks at the ocean front.”
– J. Z., Towson MD

Friday Night Dance Testimonials

“Thanks for all of your hard work (Chuck of course too!) setting up for a Spooktacular Halloween party. Heard a ton of compliments about the night!”
– J. M., 10/29/2016

“Thank you for a fabulous Halloween dance! The decorations, music, costume contest, slideshow and Goldenberg Peanut Chews were great! Thanks again for your over-the-top efforts for a great event!!”
– J., 10/31/2015

“As always, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I only wish that I were younger, and could dance longer. I sat and talked with ___ about the Friday Night Swing dance, and we both remarked about the quality of the people who attend; both men and women. There are so many interesting people who come to dance.  We have seen couples meet at The American Legion, and end up being married.

The Friday Night Swing Dance is a treasure. Quality people, fun, all levels of expertise, live band. It is a community.

If there is anything that we can ever do to help you and Chuck, you have our number.”
– H.N.,4/18/2015

“Great musicians, very enjoyable night of music and dancing!”
– O.H., 12/11/2016

“Amazing band! So, so good; I stayed til the very last song and even left my shoes there… I’m hoping to get back to Zumba this week, so will try to remember them. I was seriously mesmerized by that band!”
– S.B., 11/05/2016