Newsletter for The FNSDC for the Week of Sunday May 13 to Sunday May 20; Join May Dance Classes THIS Week; Retrospect This Friday May 18

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Newsletter for Sunday May 13, 2018 to Sunday May 20, 2018:

Here is What’s Happening:

1. You Can Still Join May Monday & Tuesday Dance Classes THIS Monday May 14, 6:30 Beginning Swing, 7:30 Zydeco with Deane & Anita,

This Tuesday May 15, 7:00 Beginning Latin Dance Survival, 8:00 Intermediate Swing/Lindy with Chiles,

May Wednesday Classes Start This Week May 16: 7:00 Continuing Swing 8:00 Night Club 2 Step & Texas 2 Step with Helmut 

Short List Below: See more details on our web page calendar. If you have questions Please email or call us 410-663-0010

Remember, one of the main objectives of the Friday Night Swing Dance Club is to get people comfortable and dancing to many styles of social dancing. May’s dances Classes reflect this goal. In the future you should be able to go to a Zydeco Dance (almost every night in the Balt/DC/ Phil. area), Latin Dance (every night in Balt/DC area), Swing Dance every weekend, and Country Dance!

3. It was great to see so many of you dancing last Friday. It was very good to see so many people we have not seen for many years. Welcome back. If you Missed last Friday, Join us this Friday, It’s Retrospect” The friendliest people in The USA will be there to dance with YOU


See You All This Friday May 18, for a band, that in a few short years, has become one of our favorites “Retrospect

With six seasoned musicians, three talented vocalists, and a wide repertoire, this lively and professional D.C. band always delivers a great night of dancing and entertainment. Don’t miss this last chance to enjoy them on the biggest and best dance floor on the East Coast.

7:30 to 8:30: EZ Beginning Swing Workshop to welcome our new Dancers and their Friends. Meet new people and build your confidence by taking the workshop. Bring Your Friends- Workshop is included in the admission Fee.

BTW. Thanks to all those great dancers who come and help balance these lessons. Ladies, if you see there are extra men in the class Please join us and help out


8:30 to 11:30 “Retrospect”


Fees: for Friday Dances Always With Bands: $15 or $12 with purchased discount Card or Full Time Student with ID

Fees Include: Beginning Swing Workshop, Dance with Band, and Light Refreshments.

Note: There is a very inexpensive Legion Bar downstairs. Be our Guests.


All Dances, Classes, and Private Lessons are held at the American Legion in Towson, 125 York Rd, Towson MD, 21204

Join May 4 Week Dance Classes THIS Week!

*Join Us This MONDAY May 14, Continuing May 21, and June 4 (3 weeks)

6:30 to 7:30: Last Chance! Beginning Swing with Chuck & Betsy:

You Can Still Join this very nice group and learn to Swing Dance. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this classic class with the guy who taught most of Baltimore to swing. No Partners or Experience necessary but more people means more fun & practice so invite friends.


7:30 to 8:30: ZYDECO! Start or Continue with Deane & Anita

8:30 to 9:00: ZYDECO DJ’d Dance Practice included with Class.

Ladies: Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to Zydeco. YES, we have men to dance with. 

No Partners or Experience necessary but more people means more fun & practice so invite extra leads/follows 


Starting This TUESDAY May 15, Continuing 22, & 29 * (3 Weeks)

6:00 to 7:00: Low-Impact ZUMBA Dance-Fitness with Betsy:

Shape Up for Swimsuit Season. Every Tuesday in May! Drop in anytime. Questions:


7:00 to 8:00: Latin Survival: Salsa, Bachata & Merengue w/ Chuck & Betsy:

Join us this week it’s a fun class. We demystify the basics so that you can join the Latin dance fun wherever you are.

No Partners or Experience necessary but more people means more fun & practice so invite extra leads/follows 


8:00 to 9:00: Intermediate Swing/Lindy with Chiles: Guys: You need to add moves to your swing… Yes, we have Ladies. Last Chance to Spice up your Swing and make your Lindy “hop” with a fun mix of 6 & 8 count moves. Proficiency in Triple Step Swing Required. No Partners necessary but more people means more fun & practice so invite extra leads/follows! 

* Starting This Wednesday May 16, Continuing 23, 30, June 5*( 4 Weeks)

*Delayed start to Wednesday classes due to Memorial Service in Hall.

7:00 to 8:00: Last Chance! Continuing Swing with Chuck & Betsy: It’s our final month, so don’t miss the opportunity to build on your basics with the guy who taught most of Baltimore to swing. We’ve got a great group of graduating beginners, and others who have been waiting for Level 2, so this should be a fun class.


8:00 to 9:00: NEW! Nightclub 2-Step & Texas 2-Step w/ Helmut Licht: Learn to dance the “2-steps”! These country cousins are fun, relatively easy, and will equip you to dance both slow and fast songs. No Partners or Experience necessary but more people means more fun & practice so invite extra leads/follows.


6:00 to 7:00: Low-Impact ZUMBA Dance-Fitness with Betsy:

Shape Up for Swimsuit Season! Drop in anytime!



Questions: Please e-mail us Mailto: or Call 410-663-0010

BTW… We also teach inexpensive private lessons please contact us and make an appointment.

The Friday Night Swing Dance Club has been teaching Baltimore the basics of most partner dances for over 27 years. We offer the best combination of experienced instructors, price, location, Superior Floor and friendly atmosphere. We emphasize Fun. Your Class is the only class in a big, beautiful ballroom where you can hear the music and the instructor without being distracted by many concurrent classes and posts on the floor.

Remember to Practice:  We host fantastic Dances, always with bands, Every Friday night (Only $15 Yes, Live Music). All dances and classes are held in the American Legion Towson big, beautiful, air conditioned, wood floor ballroom, where you can hone your skills and meet other friendly and helpful dancers and Just Have FUN.

The dance Classes this week are, as always, very important to the existence of the Friday Night Swing Dance Club. No New people in dance classes..Net result, fewer and fewer people coming to Friday Dances. The End of 27 years of dancing. So, We are Looking forward to seeing you all in May Dance Classes This Week and See You This Friday May 18, It’s “Retrospect”

Thank You for Your Attendance and your Generous Contributions to Friday Night Swing Dance Club. To resolve and answer all of the rumors Why? our dance club is closing, simply put, not enough people attending dances and Very few new dancers attending classes. These are the only things that keep The Friday Night Swing Dance Club Dancing. I have been placing notices, requesting everybody (the 4000 on this list) let people know about our dances and the need for more people, for at the very least 5 years.

After a very bad 2017, we had the worst January & February on record. Considering there was no Snow and no cancellations that was the end.

We do have a great core group of people who love to dance as much as I love to run the dances, However, even the best of you can’t make every dance. (except for me of course) There in lies the problem, when the core group is not at the dances there are not enough new and occasional attendees to take their place.

In 2017 if we averaged 17-20 more people each Friday we would still be dancing. When the word of our demise got out end of March, April was the best month we have had since March 2016.

Please, The Friday Night Swing Dance Club, is NOT closing because I am Retiring. It is closing due to lack of interest and attendance. Thank you, all of you faithful dancers. I am absolutely as heart broken and upset as you are.

See you dancing at least until the end of May,



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